8th Nov 2017

Walk n Talk 2017

On the 28th October 2017 Bridging Abilities and SNAP jointly hosted our first Walk n Talk and the Vergnoengd Low Wine Estate. We would like to thank the Estate for hosting us.

Below is a letter from Gavin Johnson (Change Ability peer supporter) and (Bridging Ability member)

Once again I would like to thank everyone on behalf of my exercise group Bridging Ability team from Macassar. Although the rest of the team could not make it on Saturday those who did attend enjoyed ourselves very much. The route was not so easy due to the route not being able to be compacted because of some rain, but I’m glad I did it.

The driver Chris de Boer who provided the transport was very helpful and patient with the group. He was assisted by his brother in law who gladly took the day off to help transferring the guys into the taxi.

We would also like to thank Bridging Ability and SNAP for arranging this event. Shonaquip also joined in on the walk and took most of the raffle prizes hehehehe. It was nice to see the ducks doing their parade. We enjoyed every moment of every event.

We hope that the other group members will join us next year

Thank you very much Toni and Candace. You are definitely super stars.

See more photos of the event on our gallery page.

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