15th Dec 2015

Update: Kili climb in progress

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Our Kili climbers left Cape Town on Saturday and currently are on their 4th day of the adventure. Here below are the updates we have received thus far:

Day 1: We have not had any contact with Rieghard Vermaak or Hannes Doman. But we know they arrived safely after a long flight requiring lots of patience and refuelling.

Day 2: They are now at the second camp. They have been walking in the rain all day, it is very cold. They are starting to feel the effects of being so high above see level in their breathing and head.

Day 3: They are now at the third Cave Camp at 3800m and tomorrow they will be walking to the Kibo Camp at 4720m, before they approach the summit, they are expecting 0° degrees Celsius tonight.

So far we have raised R7,300 for our community groups (for more info on the campaign please read the previous blog). We would to encourage readers to support the Conquering Kili campaign by donating on our GivenGain site: . We have a sponsor that is going to donate one R1 for every R1 we receive!

We also want to thank those who have already donated to the campaign. We really appreciate each and every donation!

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