16th Jul 2016

Paralympic Sports and Recreation Event

Our annual Paralympics Sports and Recreation Event was held on the 1st August 2015. Due to the popularity and success of the event, registrations came flooding in at the word go.   To start day off on a high note five ralympic athletes, Fanie van der Merwe, Charl du Toit, Arnu Fourie, Ilse Hayes, and Arnu Fourie addressed the learners and shared some of their stories and training tips with them. Roxy Burns, another Paralympic athlete also helped out during the morning.

The focus of the event was to introduce the scholars to different Paralympics sports and encourage them to take part in them. This is done so that we can hopefully help some future athlete to identify a sport/s they would like to pursue (talent identification) while just giving others the opportunity to experience the joy of movement. We also had some of our members of our community physical activity groups attend the event for the first time.

For this event we launched our new ‘Sponsor a Child’ campaign. The campaign was run via our social media pages and involved people donating R40 to Bridging Abilities to sponsor a child to attend the event. The R40 donation included a lunch pack. We were overjoyed to see that 57 children were sponsored through this campaign. We also received some donations from schools and individuals which covered some of our additional costs.

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