16th Jul 2016

4th Annual Sports and Recreation Event

24 September 2014, Stellenbosch Sports Science Department. On a public holiday you might be tempted to think that the Sports Science department might be a quiet place due to the fact that the lecturers and students are taking a break.  Well, that was definitely not the case on Heritage Day, 24th September 2014 when Bridging Abilities, along with their partners, Fanie van der Merwe from Inspire2Become, Adapt2Move and the Sports Science dept, hosted a sports and recreation day for children with disabilities.

The quiet halls of the department soon came alive and erupted into a hive of excitement as children were bussed in by various schools, such as Astra School, Athlone School for the blind, Bizweni Centre, Tembaletu School, Paarl School, and Vista Nova School.  About 117 children, who had disabilities such as amputations, Cerebral Palsy, congenital abnormalities, Spina Bifida, visual impairments amongst others, were divided into four groups and had 40 minute sessions at each of the four stations. Great enthusiasm and joy could be found at each activity as you roamed the venue. Along the sidelines you found proud parents and teachers hold cameras and other electronic devices each serving one purpose: capturing the laughter, movement and enjoyment of the kids.

After the fun morning, everyone gathered together to enjoy a wonderful braai prepared by Braaiworld in the spirit of National Braai day.  Bridging would like to thank all our partners and volunteers for making our biggest event yet possible, and Tsitsikamma Crystal for sponsoring 144 bottles of water for the event. We would also like to express a special thanks to all the 3rd year sport science students, Kinderkinetics students who ran the activities so smoothly and with so much energy, care and joy.

Some of the comments received via email or on our Facebook page after the event were:

  • We are so very grateful to the amazing team at Bridging Abilities for the incredible work they did with our children on Heritage day. Our children loved there time! Thank you! ~ Bizweni Centre for disabled children
  • The day was such an enormous blessing for our children and even for our teachers who came away rejuvenated.  They loved the experience.  We will (tentatively) definitely be there for both events.  Philippa, Bizweni Centre for Disabled Children
  • It was such a great opportunity and a privilege to capture these special memories for Bridging Abilities. Lots of fun to watch all these participants enjoy an awesome day of sport and recreation. Thank you Bridging Abilities for inviting J’Kai Photography to be part of this day. ~ Sharon Bridggs, Photographer
  • Lia and her friends at another awesome sports day. Thank you Bridging Abilities — with Bridging Abilities and Aslam ~ Fiona
  • Thank you for the lovely day! ~ Colleen Francis, Tembalethu School

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